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International migration has increased, as people started looking for economic opportunities in other countries. People who migrate are labour migrants, skilled and business migrants, some migrate to be with their family, and students migrate for higher education. Nurse migrants are also participants in this movement.
NNIUSA has 21 years of professionalism in providing quality employment opportunities. We support the nurse migrants in the USA ubiquitously. We are an ideal provider of immigration and visa service to professionals who seek employment in the USA. Our team has successfully placed hundreds of healthcare support staff professionals, Financial consultants, and IT consultants across the USA from various emergent nations. We source our personnel from countries like India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Dubai, Bahrain, New Zealand, Ireland, UK, South Africa, Venezuela, South America, Canada, Brazil, Zimbabwe, China, Nepal, Singapore, and the Philippines.


NNIUSA is an organisation operated by a team of nurses to provide nursing professionals to healthcare industry throughout the United States.our mission is to provide quality employement opportunities in the United States for nurses from all over the world.


We want to be ideal providerfor foriegn nurses seeking employment in the United States.


We pick right for the right!

Register with NNIUSA to secure your dreams. We will uphold you in every move of success.


We are serving our clients for 21 years with well-founded services. Our team of experts is motivated to satisfy the desire of the client and provide accurate guidance. Our team is gifted with the skillful staffing of thousands of professionals from overseas.

Fast and Cost-Effective Services

Clients generally demand quick and easy ways. So, our sponsors file an immigrant petition in less than 30 days and on budget, rather than facing a troublesome process. Thus our clients do not face a long-term procedure.

Immigration Law Experts & Visa Specialist

Our team of professional immigration lawyers and registered agents not only understand the immigration laws, policy, and factors behind it. But also monitor all the updates and update our clients with new procedures and better plans.

Business Ties

NNIUSA represents clients overseas and has alliances with many healthcare institutes and IT corporations across the USA for the best recruitment process. Thus, your dream jobs are within your reach with NNIUSA.

Continuous Research, Experimentation with Modern Technology

On the other hand we denounce with righteous indignation and dislike men who are so beguiled and demoralized by the charms.



We are here to help you with the nursing visa, visa screening credentials, and assessment programs.

If you are searching for a job and want to migrate to the USA, you must follow US federal immigration law.

Educational requirements:
● Obtain a college degree in the Nursing program in your country.
● Licensing as a Registered Nurse.
● You must have at least two years of experience as a registered nurse

Step 1: Submit a petition

● For your permanent migration, we will file Form I-140, according to USCIS.

Step 2: NVC process

● After approval of the petition from the USCIS, your case will get forwarded to the National Visa Center (NVC).
● You will get a “Packet 3” instruction letter, once your case has been received at the consulate.
● Your agent will notify you, and inform you to contact the consulate.

Step 3: Online Application

● After paying the fees, you have to complete the Application form for the immigration process.

Step 4: Civil Documents

● Collect all the civil documents required to support your visa application.
● Scan and submit all the required documents to NVC.

Step 5: Interview preparation

● Consulate will send you “Packet 4”, a letter regarding your scheduled interview appointment.
● Before that, you should collect all your required civil documents and your printed visa application (DS-260) confirmation page, and complete your medical examinations.

Step 6: Interview

● The consular officer will interview you on the scheduled date and time and declare whether you are eligible for the visa or not.

Step 7: Visa gets approved

● We will place you at the foremost healthcare institution according to your preferences in USA.

Uncompromising on Quality Treatment and Health Services.