News!!! NNIUSA Becomes Alliance-Certified Ethical Recruiter by a division of CGFNS

Nurses Network International (NNIUSA) Becomes Alliance-Certified Ethical Recruiter

Philadelphia, PA

14 April 2016

The Alliance for Ethical International Recruitment Practices announces the designation of Nurses Network International LLC (NNIUSA) as a Certified Ethical Recruiter. NNIUSAis recognized for recruitment practicesthat adhere tothe Voluntary Code of Ethical Conduct for the Recruitment of Foreign-Educated Health Professionals to the United States (Code). Development of this Code by our multi-stakeholder Governing Board is a precursor and a complement to the World Health Organization’s Global Code of Practice.

“The Alliance is pleased that NNIUSA has demonstrated its commitment to ethical recruitment by adhering to the Code,” says Alliance Director Mukul Bakhshi.

Honored to join the Alliance, President Pasupula S. Ravindranath of the Nurses Network International (, “Alliance certification is a testament to the fact that NNIUSA embodies our intention to serve people with dignity” and fairness. NNIUSAis a staffing and recruitment firm based in North Carolina, USA with global alliances through Africa, Asia and Europe. Operated by a team of nursing professionals, they facilitate migrationof foreign-educated health professionals to the U.S.

Eight staffing firms are now certified by the Alliance—doubling the number from a year ago. In 2016, the Alliance seeks to rapidly increase the base of firms that commit to the Code to develop better data on the experiences of migrant workers and to provide an indicator of effective best practices for recruitment.

About the Alliance(

The Alliance has facilitated the adoption of and compliance with a voluntary set of standards that advocates responsible, ethical, and transparent recruitment practices since 2009. The Alliance monitors certified recruitment organizations and verifies their processes to ensure that these standards are upheld. They also provide foreign-educated health professionals resources to make informed decisions. The Alliance plans to expand this market-based approach to other sectors by working with relevant stakeholders. The Alliance became an independent division of CGFNS International, Inc., in 2014.

About CGFNS International, Inc.(

Since 1977, CGFNS International, Inc.., based in Philadelphia, PA, is an immigration-neutral, non-profit organization. It has served the global community of health professionals through its programs and services that verify and promote knowledge-based practice competencies. It is the only organization named in the federal statute to administer visa screening of foreign-educated nurses and other professionals in seven health care fields.

For further information, please contact:

CGFNS Alliance: Mukul Bakhshi, Director at:

Tel: +1 215-243-5825

Healthcare Info
Staffing & recruitment

Healthcare Resource Center

NNI specializes in simplifying the process of recruiting International Nurses. At NNI, we understand that everyone's needs are diverse, whether it be our Nurses or our Clients(Hospitals). Because, healthcare is such an ever-changing environment … adaptability to the industry has become a necessity.. We ensure awareness and adaptability through our frequent interaction with our Employees and Clients. This enhances our Vision to be the leaders in the industry while getting it right – all the time.

NNI is well established to handle the entire Immigration process end-to-end and can offer recruitment guarantee. NNI's expertise in business knowledge, rigorous screening modus-operandi and support given to our Clients, has proven to achieve our repeat business.

Exceptional need for Nurses in US

“Where there is a will, there is a Nurse” this is our Motto, when we think of the right nurse at the right place. It is very important for the Hospitals or Healthcare Centers to find the right agency to fulfill their needs. Finding the right nurse involves a robust screening process for which NNI takes a systematic approach in making it work efficiently.

Supply, Demand, Need - Nursing Numbers Revisited

There is an incredible demand for the nurses in the US Healthcare industry. The US Department of Labor projects, there would be a shortage of 1.1 million nurses in coming years. 75 % of all nursing positions belong to Registered Nurses category. Every year, it is estimated that there would be an in increase in the shortage of Nurses.

Nurses across the globe to US NNI has a global presence. We have associates to recruit nurses in Bahrain, China, India, Kenya, Nigeria, Oman, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, UAE, UK, New Zealand and is steadily expanding. NNI has a well established network to place the nurses in all over US - from West to East and North to South.

Extra-ordinary Benefits for Nurses


When demand exceeds and supply diminishes, there is a high possibility to compromise on the quality of the product. That’s where NNI stands out to pick & choose the best possible qualified nurses while enforcing their quality standards. NNI takes all the endeavors to inherit the value system and build trust with its clients, network and the employees.

Timely response

With our existing Database, established Network combined with persistent hard work, NNI evolved itself to define a working and proven methodology in time bound Scheduling and Delivery of nurses.

Cost Effective

NNI provides nurses who are loyal, focused, motivated and energetic achieving the core needs of the hospitals and clinics. Working with NNI will save you not only money, but also you get the value deserved for the money spent. Saving money is earning money with NNI.

Less Hassle

NNI takes care of all the Operational, Legal and Logistical issues involving Immigration process, Licenses, Travel, Housing, Insurance, Payroll, etc, providing you hassle free environment and helping you to focus on the core business.

Constant supply

NNI has a singular sense of purpose - to provide outstanding care and service to all its clients and employees. At NNI, we hold a catalog of nurses who provide you the best of service for a minimal cost… always. With our associates, we do not run-out of highly qualified and skilled nurses, at any given point of time.

Staffing & recruitment


Staffing & recruitment

At NNIUSA we bring together an unparalleled network of credentialed IT professionals, real-world insight into how IT gets done and demonstrated methods to optimize business’s most variable and only renewable asset: human capital. Our solutions are straightforward, delivered by teams with proven talent and based on experience with what works where it matters most—in practice.

Great organizations demand great IT. To stay on budget, on schedule and maintain high quality standards for IT initiatives, organizations must align with the right service providers—those that can truly improve and enhance the organizations they support.

At NNIUSA our tenured experience reinforces the expertise we offer our clients. We understand the industry trends and can share best practices, proven through our longstanding history in the market, to help you avoid common pitfalls when undertaking critical engagements.

The Right People, Skills and Competencies

Every day our dedicated team of IT recruitment specialist are developing relationships so we will be prepared when it’s time to find the talent best suited to accomplish the job at hand.

Our solutions are based on what really works:

  • We know who does IT best
  • We know how to replicate good strategies
  • Every year, NNIUSA Services deploys thousands of IT professionals to support hundreds of clients worldwide!

Our leadership in the market stems from our sincere and personal commitment to driving the success of our clients, consultants and each other. We aim to extend our relationships beyond that of a service provider. We seek to be long-term, strategic partners.

Comprehensive Workforce Solutions

Our goal is to enable you to achieve your business targets better, faster and more cost-effectively. We offer a range of workforce solutions and service delivery models to equip you with the people, skills and competencies required to get IT done.

  • Contract Staffing:High-caliber teams or individual IT professionals for temporary support
  • Direct Placements:Contract-to-hire and direct hire professionals for longer-term needs


Benefits for Employers

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  • Calling nurses and consultants for America

    Sunitha John, BSN(hons),RN

    "I am extremely satisfied with the effective and speedy processing of my petition by NNI. I strongly recommend my fellow professionals to utilize NNI's reliable services to make their dreams come true."

    Yang Tao

    "I appreciate NNI for assisting my family and I in gettng immigrant Visa to U.S.A. NNI is the one you can trust and is the top choice for those wish to work as a registered nurse in U.S.A."

Why US
Flexible & bespoke services

Company Profile

What is NNI?

NNIUSA is formed by nurses for nurses who are seeking permanent employment in the United States. We have a network of professional nurses, immigration specialists and attorneys to assist you with the employment process and immigration to USA. We also have representatives in different countries around the world, to assist you locally. In order to speed up the employment process, we use all available technology. NNI is providing nurses to health care facilities in several states in USA and the best part is, we give you the option to choose your employment location, based on your lifestyle and preference.

Why NNI?

  • Provide sponsors to file immigrant petition generally in less than 30 days.
  • Telephone interviews with qualified nurses within 24 hours of inquiry
  • Uses Federal Express or other international expedited mail services.
  • Professional and courteous response to emails within 8 hours.
  • Representatives are available to guide you through the process in:
  • Bahrain
  • China
  • India
  • Kenya
  • Nigeria
  • Oman
  • Pakistan
  • Sri Lanka
  • Philippines
  • Saudi Arabia
  • United Arab Emirates
  • United Kingdom
  • New Zealand
  • Kuwait

Focus on individual needs of the nurses.

USCIS Approval Rate through NNI employers

Year Approvals
Before 1999 100%
2000 100%
2001 100%
2002 100%
2003 100%
2004 100%
2005 100%
2006 100%
2007 100%
2008 - present 100%

Comprehensive solutions

Processing Cycle

Immigration process

  • Immigration process
  • I140 receipt notification
  • I140 Request for Evidence (RFE) (if requested)
  • I140 approval
  • I140 approval transfer to National Visa Center (NVC)
  • NVC sends Choice of Agent (COA) form to nurse
  • Nurse sends COA back to NVC
  • NVC sends visa fee bills to Agent
  • Agent sends fee bills with fee to NVC
  • NVC send Packet 3 to Agent
  • Nurse sends DS230 forms for nurse and dependents to Agent
  • Agent reviews Packet 3 and sends DS230 to NVC
  • NVC processes Packet 3 with DS230
  • NVC sends case to consulate with notification to Agent
  • Agent informs nurse to contact consulate
  • Consulate sends Packet 4 to nurse
  • Nurse completes Police Clearance/Medical/Birth Certificate, etc. & attends interview with dependents
  • Nurse collects visa for nurse and dependents
  • Nurse reaches USA

Note:The above timeline (numbers in blue) is cumulative and assumes a normal processing time of 90 days for petition approval. This number would be adjusted for faster processing centers or backlogs.

During the immigration process, applications for U.S. licensure, administered by the National Council Licensure Examination for Nurses (NCLEX), are sent to the nurses to ensure that they have an Authorization to Test (ATT) prior to their arrival in the USA. Prior to consulate interview, each nurse also signs the required employment contract. In addition each nurse is well prepared for the NCLEX exam prior to arrival.

About us
Healthcare recruitment & staffing

About us


NNIUSA is an organisation operated by a team of nurses to provide nursing professionals to healthcare industry throughout the United States.our mission is to provide quality employement opportunities in the United States for nurses from all over the world.


We want to be ideal providerfor foriegn nurses seeking employment in the United States.


We are assisting in a potentially life changing processand we value the goodwill created by successfully serving the professional development and financial goals of our Nurse Clients; and providing qualified nurse candidates to our Company Clients in a timely, cost effective, professional manner.

Global Presence
Domestic and global staffing and recruitment

Global Presence

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  • Happy Families

Sunitha John, BSN(hons),RN

"I am extremely satisfied with the effective and speedy processing of my petition by NNI. I strongly recommend my fellow professionals to utilize NNI's reliable services to make their dreams come true."

Yang Tao

"I appreciate NNI for assisting my family and I in gettng immigrant Visa to U.S.A. NNI is the one you can trust and is the top choice for those wish to work as a registered nurse in U.S.A."

Yvonne Socorro A. Soria

"I am so grateful that I choose NNI they are the best, reliable, very efficient and dependable!! Its so "incredible" that we have acquired our immigrant Visa in just a short time."

Xu Luo

"I would like to say thank you to NNI for your professional help. I couldn't imagine how hard the process would be if I am not with NNI, especially after the retrogression, which was also a hard time for you. Thank you for keeping contacting me and encouraging me during that timeand also thank you for all the professional instructions and quick processing of my case!"

Li Juhua

"I got my immigrant visa,it's unbelievable! NNI's efficiency and hard work really impressed me. "Trust NNI before you reach US".

Joy Aytona

"Coming to USA is not an easy task and requires a lot of patience and courage especially for a professional nurse like me. But being hooked up with an agency which makes a lot of things easier, from the immigration process to job settlement here in the States, is a big plus on my part. NNI made it possible for me to realize something which I have always longed for. The professional and very accomodating staff worked their way to make my stay here as conducive and as comfortable as possible; checking every now and then to see if things are going well. Satisfaction is one of the work-related aspects a nurse always looks for and NNI splendidly reached that goal! SO, TO ALL THE STAFF OF NNI, THANK YOU SO MUCH AND MAY YOU CONTINUE TO UPLIFT THE NURSING PROFESSION!"

Qing Dai

"I am quite thankful for all your guidence and help,as all NNI staff members are very dedicated and professional, even at the difficult period (end of last year), we still believed that NNI will and can help us for the later process,that make me feel confidence at all the time."

Marina MohanPulimoottil Ninan, RN

"At the outset, I would like to thank God almighty for helping me to identify NNI for my trip to USA. It was a great pleasure to have this agency to process my papers. Every word written below comes from my heart with a lot of appreciation for all that, this agency has done for me. Many times, they had called me personally to reassure that my papers were moving, was a great comfort. The response was immediate. Every step of the process was informed to me immediately, without any delay. Finally I am also happy that I am economically benefited too."

Sheeba Roy, RN

"We are in our dreamland. Yes......that's America. Ofcourse, we are thankful to NNI to make our dream come true."

Sophie Varghese, RN

"We are very happy with the way things are done by NNI - in a prompt and systematic manner. Thank you very much NNI !! I wish you all the success in your venture to help more nurses to come to USA. God bless you all."

Yang Tracy, RN

"Thank you very much for your help on my matters all the time"

Ding Minfen, RN

"I am so grateful to NNI for processing my visa to USA. They are professional, efficient and reliable. I would like to say that NNI can be totally trusted before you reach USA."

Manpreet Kaur, RN

"I have no words to appreciate the services and assistance rendered by NNI in getting my immigration visa as Staff Nurse, processed. The entire process was hassle free and I left everything on the above agencies to proceed with my case. I request my fellow professionals to avail the services of above agencies"

Liziamma Thomas, RN

"NNI has been more than an agent to us, rather a friend, where we had placed all our trust and hope. All my family members are expressing their deep appreciation for your tremendously fast work. We would like to recommend NNI to the world."

Aida Hewakopara, BSN, RN

"I am grateful that I have come to know NNI for processing of the visas were organized, wish more power to NNI help nurses"

Arline Alonsagay, BSN, RN

" I am glad to know that petition on behalf of me has been approved. NNI shed light and hopes to people who have difficult lives in their countries. bringing them to US is big help."

Ally Elayidathukudiyil, RN

Informative and as far as we know trustworthy.Help to let it grow"- Ally

Alphonsa Abdul Rahman, RN

"Warm hearted thanks and appreciation to NNI for processing my immigrant visa to US. I strongly recommend NNI for any future applicants"

Annie Thomas, BSN, RN

"NNI no doubt is really the most reliable agency. I am thankful beyond words to them and god for making our dreams come true. I wish them best in all their future endeavors and strongly recommend them to any nurse aspiring to immigrate to US"

Cherie De Castro, BSN, RN

"NNI offers the best option for nurses who want a career opportunity in the USA. It has a personal touch in its dealings with all its clients. NNI never rest easy until everything runs smooth.They have helped make my dream for my family come true"

Cristina Cezar, BSN, RN

"I am grateful that in few days time, all my effort will have its meaning. With all my dreams coming to a reality. I am bit of apprehensive as well' Cov. I will be in a new place, new company yet I am confident that with your kind assistance every thing will turn out very well. NNI opened my life into a New Challenge, Full of Good Opportunities every body is longing to have. Thank you for your comprehensive assistance in leading us to a bright future. Wish you continued extending your help to all professionals like me. More power to NNI!"

Dan Esternon, BSN, RN

"Regarding NNI- 1st word- supportive and 2nd- keeps me well-informed/updated regarding my application"

Ying Deng, BSN, RN

"I surely appreciate your assistance and help at my immigrant visa applying procedure, and your prompt email response to my questions and inquiries enhanced my trust to you more and more......"

Ethel Garcia, BSN, RN

"NNI is a reliable agency, their goals and objectives are specified, consistent and trustworthy, friendly and approachable"

Evelyn Chiu, BSN, RN

"I do not know how to thank NNI staff for everything have been so good even after reaching US"

Ferdinand Madayag, BSN, RN

"I reached US through NNI within a year and the NNI staff is a customer oriented. I strongly recommend it"

Sosamma Abraham Alex, RN

"Regarding NNI's performance so far, I feel NNI is doing an excellent job to help the intl.nurses to find a job opportunity in USA. I hope NNI will continue to do the same performance in future also. Hoping to see you sooner in USA."

Saramma Abraham, BSc, RN

"Prompt updation, quick reply on queries and reliable service are the marked features of NNI."

Virginia Rinaldi, BSN, RN

"I am very grateful to NNI, as they are processing my petition very efficiently and making all he efforts to speed the process. Our hope to improve in a new country is in trustful hands and with excellent professionals and persons."

Rachel Mani, RN

"Thanks to NNI for their best efforts in upgrading my career life."

Patric Mureria, RN

"So far so good."

Marykutty Varghese

"Thank you very much for all the help and assistance provided to me for getting US immigrant visa to me and my family. We pray and wishing all the best to everyone at NNI." - Marykutty and family, Muscat.

Leila Morin, BSN, RN

"Reached the USA with NNI's help"

Guang Liang, BSN, RN

"NNI is the key and the right way for every nurse who wants to work in USA"

Luzviminda Torres, BSN, RN

"I am really happy and fully satisfied from the time NNI started arranging my Visa Petition. Wish you more nurses trust your agency and keep up the good work and may god bless you all"

Maricar M. Lorenzana, BSN, RN

"I am glad to know that petition on behalf of me has been approved. I recommended NNI to lot of nurses to take this great opportunity"

Marilou Sanchez, BSN, RN

"Reached the USA with NNI's help"

Mary Lielani Amoyot, BSN, RN

" NNI provided an excellent services by spending time and updating the status of their applicant. You really lined up to your motto "Trust us before you reach US". NNI help me made my dream come true"

Sanda Vani Radhika, BSN,RN

"NNI is beyond recruiting firm, though miles away it takes care to answer our queries by mail and phone promptly. We are proud to be a member of NNI family. The extra steps that NNI takes to take care of us on reaching USA, is unmatchable. Thank you for the opportunity given by NNI to share my heart felt thanks for the service."

Mysarah Misluhani, BSN, RN

"NNI has an ideal way of getting thru with their own real perspective of helping nurses all over the world"

Nimfa Omolon, BSN, RN

"I want to thank NNI for processing my visa and reached US within a year and I am so impressed! good luck and please continue helping other nurses around the world"

Pedrito R. Purio, RN

"NNI is a very good company. Processing of my INS approval was very quick. The director and executive recruiter are very co-operative"

Rizalinda Ramos, BSN, RN

"Within a year I reached US on immigrant visa through NNI"

Sampoornamma Adalam, BSN, RN

"NNI has changed our life-style by brining me and my Family into US"

Sheeba K Newton, BSN, RN

"My family and I are grateful to NNI for helping us to get to U.S.A. We thank them for processing the papers"

Sardar Talib, BSN, RN

"Excellent, beyond my expectations, I never hesitate to recommend NNI to anybody who is seeking job in the USA"

Virginia Lomugdang, BSN, RN

"I am glad to know NNI and had a chance to work in the USA and every help was gladly appreciated"

Whelma Competente, BSN, RN

"I am grateful to NNI that me and my family came together and the period completing the processing was good enough of waiting."

Guda Jasu Maria, RN

"I am glad to know about NNI . NNI offers best options for nurses who want a career opportunity in the USA . NNI helped me to reach our goal . I wish them all success in future.

Jainamma Ulahannan, BSN,RN

NNI is very much supportive and is really the most reliable agency. I am fully satisfied from the time NNI started arranging my visa petition. You really lined up to your motto "Trust us before you reach us". I wish NNI best in all their future endeavors."

Agi Modayil Sajan, RN

"I am very happy and satisfied with NNI services, they process the papers very fast, and I recommend to all my friends to go with NNI if they need to migrate to U S A."

Moly Cherian, RN

"I am very much pleased about your sincere work to speed up the Visa Process. In my knowledge NNI is one among the very few agencies those who are very successful to bring their candidates within a short time to U.S.A."

Tenzin Dolma, BSN,PGDHA,MMSN

What I experienced is that Nurses Network International is upto date with the information regarding nursing job and immigration process of USA. I am happy that NNI is taking care of my application. Hope my dream will come true soon through NNI"

Philomina Sonny, BSN,RN

Excellent service without communication gap. Hope to meet in USA soon"

Mary Kutty Jose, RN

"It was a nice experience to work with NNI. Your working system is excellent."

Vasanthi Muthu, RN

"I really don't know how to express my appreciation for your help in making my dreams come true. I have strongly recommended to my friends and once they get thru' the exams, they will contact you."

Sophy Thomas, RN

"I am very glad to know that my petition has already been approved ahead of my expectation. Me and my family hereby extend our sincerest thanks to NNI for their great service and wish them all the best in their future endeavors. I strongly recommend to all health care professionals to avail NNI’s reliable services."

Sini George, RN

"The quick moves and transparency in the processing by NNI made everything easy for me and added confidence at each step. So, I have no hesitation in recommending NNI for those who try to pursue their career as a Nurse in the USA"

Jainamma Koshy, RN

"I highly appreciate your esteemed organisation's effort and interest in bringing Nurses to USA, especially in my case. I am receiving prompt reply from you."

Leena Susan John, BSN,RN

"Right from the day of association with NNI, I have been continuously guided and no words would suffice to express my indebtedness to NNI for the trouble and pain you are undertaking to place me in a comfortable position.It is my golden moment towards my career and I deem this association with NNI to be most valuable and unforgettable."

Evelyn Cabrera, BSN,RN

"Keep up the good work."

Sindhu Dominic, BSN(Hons),RN

"First of all I would like to thank you for giving me to give me the opportunity to work in the US. I also would like to thank you for your excellent services and fast communication. Myself and my family are very much thankful for NNI"

Sheila Villarta, BSN, RN

"I am glad to know that I reached US with Family with NNI's help"

Darly Joseph, RN

"NNI has touched my heart thru' their reliability, good service and friendly approach. All the best NNI"

Lenie Grace P. Canlas, RN

"I wish to thank NNI for the efficient and fast handling of my petition."

Sheeba Baby, RN

"I came to know about NNI thru my friend Mrs. Jessy Milton. As far as I'm concerned, I have very good opinion about your agency. It is trustworthy and its functioning is fast."

Jessy Baby, RN

"NNI is doing a great job in bringing international nurses into USA. We are very pleased with their commitment and dedication in this great task of relocating international nurses. We wish them great success in their future operations, and may the good lord enable them to bring more and more nurses with their family , who are looking for a bright future."

Mingyan Wang, RN

"I can say without any hesitation that your professionalism and expertise made, what could've been an anxious experience for me into one that was smooth sailing and very reassuring.Your response to my enquiries and time taken to process the paperwork was swift and efficient and I found your staff very considerate and thoughtful. Your assistance in organizing the licensure exam and your job placement services are valuable and I'm grateful that your help extends all the way to providing accommodations for new arrivals after they reach America."

Jenny Liza, RN

"NNI is efficient, reliable, accurate with staff willing to assist you; provides updated information on your status and quality employment opportunities in th e USA. With NNI, you're on the right track."

Sofi Samuel, RN

"At other agencies, I never felt like I was the main focus. But at NNI, I can tell, they really cared about me. I know that I'm more than a nurse to them, and that means a lot . NNI always gets me the best! One of my nursing friend processed through NNI, I saw how great the benefits were and decided to follow her . NNI always gives personal attention and answered all my queries and update me about my case time to timeappreciate."

A M Abraham, BSN, RN

"We appreciate NNI's professionalism in case assessment as well as your commitment to accomplish the task within the limited time span."

Mariamma Isaac, BSN(Hons),RN

"We sincerely appreciate NNI and extend our thanks for NNI's good work, help and concern from time to time to get the visas"

Thresiamma John, RN

"Thank you so much for all good deeds you have done. Your service was excellent and was appreciable. I am obliged to you."

Anitha Anilkumar, RN

"First up all my sincere thanks to all of your NNI family for the prompt service extended to my case."

Valsala Rajankutty, RN

"I extend my sincere thanks to NNI for their good work, help and guidance through out the period to obtain the visas."

Sara Sheila D'Souza, RN

"NNI is every nurses dream come true,once i had contacted NNI they responded me very promptly.All my paper work was carried out systematically and well informed,without me worrying much and within a year now i am ready to immigrate to USA with my family. i am really impressed,indeed NNI is a blessing in disguise.i heartfully thank NNI for processing my papers and making my dream come true.i wish NNI all the good luck in thier future undertakings in helping nuses worldwide to come to USA."

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